About Us

RBUprising LLC is an esports organization founded in 2014 by RB Mercys with the vision of fostering a home for all esports fans worldwide while cultivating the world at the same time. In which time RBUprising LLC has gained an accumulated following for 60,000+ fans. This is only the start for RBUprising LLC as there is much more to come in the future!


  • RB Mercys


    RB Mercys is an Esports professional & General entertainment specialist for RBUprising. He founded RBUprising LLC in mid-2014 in which he has consistently played a huge management role in RBUprising LLC since. Helping build all areas of the organization meanwhile growing his own personal brand on YouTube, Twitter, & TikTok.

  • RB Arih


    RB Arih has helped tremendously in RBUprising LLC. From general Fortnite based content & general content as a whole to helping maintain and uphold conduct within the organization as a whole. RB Arih has also helped with all of the RBUprising LLC legal networking & general partnerships.

  • RB Hopeful


    RB Hopeful is one of 5 owners of RBUprising LLC. Since joining RBUprising LLC, Hopeful has helped build & maintain a stable Call of Duty team & helping with inquiries of general content & conduct within the orgaization as a whole. Being in multiple other teams in the past, Hopeful know exactly what to look for when it comes to standards on Call of Duty.

  • RB Chris


    RB Chris, being the former lead editor of RBUprising LLC has helped a ton in the movement of the production team as a whole & maintaining an active social media presents within the organization. Helping with the production of many RBUprising video, Chris has truly made an impact on the productivity of RB.

  • RB Enrgey


    RB Enrgey has maintained a huge role in the RB Expos team to date. Since joining RBUprising LLC his primarily focus has been on the advancement of the production team as a whole. However he has also helped with legal networking within RBUprising & general organization conduct.